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  • The last excursion begins usually one length of excursion before the closing time of the monument.
  • Entrance fee: full, reduced (eg. children, students, retired), foreigners full, foreigners reduced (usually with foreign language speaking guide).
  • Parking: first number for cars, the second one for buses.

  • Památka Castle Kamen,   district Pelhrimov

Address:  Hrad Kamen, prispevkova organizace
Kamen c.p. 1
39413  Kamen u Pacova 1
Phone:  +420 565 426 619
Email:  hrad.kamen@quick.cz


Last updated:  2nd Oct 2006
Location of this object

Region of Vysocina, in a bee line 15 km west from the city Pelhrimov.
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Opening hours

April and October:
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 1000 - 1700
May, June and September:
daily except Monday: 1000 - 1700
July and August:
daily except Monday: 1000 - 1800

Posledni prohlidka vzdy cca 60 minut pred koncem pracovni doby.
Entrance fee

50 CZK full * 25 CZK reduced (deti, students, soldiers a retired people)
Skupinove ani rod. slevy nemame

1 prohlidkovy tour, ktery zahrnuje jak muzeum motocyklu tak ukazky interieru bydleni 19. and pocatku 20. stoleti, doba prohlidky cca 45 minutes, maximalni pocet people 40 osob.
Additional services

Prodej pohlednic a upominkovych predmetu.
Camera, video

30 CZK * 30 CZK
Wheelchair access


200 m (paid) * 200 m (paid)

Kraj Vysocina Jihlava
Train, bus

Bus station: Kamen (50 m)
Train station: Obratan, popr. Pacov (4 km, popř. 3,5 km)
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