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  • The last excursion begins usually one length of excursion before the closing time of the monument.
  • Entrance fee: full, reduced (eg. children, students, retired), foreigners full, foreigners reduced (usually with foreign language speaking guide).
  • Parking: first number for cars, the second one for buses.

  • Památka Memorial Terezin,   district Litomerice

Address:  Principova alej 304
41155  Terezin
Phone:  +420 416
Email:  pamatnik@pamatnik-terezin.cz

National cultural monument

Last updated:  13th Mar 2006
Location of this object

Region of Usti nad Labem, in a bee line 5 km south from the city Litomerice.
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Terezín was established at the end of the 18th century as a fortress; still surrounded by its massive ramparts, the town lies at the confluence of the rivers Labe (Elbe) and Ohře (Eger). The Main and Lesser Fortresses at Terezín, although modern for their period, gradually became obsolete, and having lost their military function fell into disregard. Only in the relatively recent past has Terezín once again entered the world\'s public consciousness as a tragic symbol of the sufferings of the tens of thousands of innocent people who died here during the Nazi occupation of their homeland.
Cultural events

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  • 07.11.2002 - 28.02.2003  Dessa Petroz, Switzerland - A Legacy from Terezín   - paintings inspired by Viktor Ullman´s Piano Sonata No.7.
  • 06.02.2003  The Book of the Memory   - an exhibition of graphics of Mexican artist Bela Gold - Ghetto Museum Terezín.
  • 29.04.2003  Yom Ha´ Shoah   - commemoration of the victims of holocaust; at 2 pm in the attic of the former Magdeburg Barracks.
  • 14.05.2003 14:00 - 10.08.2003  Luděk Tichý - Ex Amore et Dolore   - foyer of the cinema in the Small Fortress.
  • 15.05.2003 14:00 - 30.06.2003  Polish graphic artists - Dawid & Felix Tuzcyński   - Ghetto Museum Terezín
  • 18.05.2003 10:00  Terezín Commemoration Act   - at 10 am on the National Cemetery at the Small Fortress.
  • 10.07.2003 - 30.10.2003  Für das Kind   – Kindertransport Memorial Exhibition. In tribute to the memories of children who survived the holocaust. Photographs with engraved original texts. ROSIE POTTER & PATRICIA AYRE.
  • 14.08.2003  Wojtek Polcyn   - graphic art - foyer of the cinema in the Small Fortress.
  • 06.11.2003  An exhibition about the activity of the Educational department   - of the Terezín Memorial, anniversary - 10 years of the working - Ghetto Museum Terezín.
Opening hours

The Lesser Fortress:
October - March: daily 800 - 1630
April - September daily 800 - 1800

The Ghetto Museum and The Magdeburg Barracks:
October - March: daily 900 - 1730
April - September: daily 900-1800

The Crematorium:
March - November: daily except Saturday 1000 - 1700
Entrance fee

Vstupne do jednoho objektu - Mala pevnost nebo Muzeum ghetta:
160 CZK full * 130 CZK reduced (vstupenka do Muzea ghetta plati i do byvalych Magdeburskych kasaren a naopak)
Mala pevnost + Muzeum ghetta + byv. Magdeburska kasarna: 180 CZK full * 140 CZK reduced

Without guide or with guide, 90 min. Pruvodcovsky vyklad je nutne pisemne objednat.
Additional services

Reservation of tours, saling the souvenir, archiv, vzdelavaci seminare.
Camera, video

gratis * no
Wheelchair access


600 m (paid) * 600 m (paid)

Pamatnik Terezin
Train, bus

Bus station: Terezin (500 m)
Train station: Bohusovice nad Ohri (300 m)
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  • Hotel Roosevelt

Phone:+420 416 733 590 
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Address:Rooseveltova 18, Litomerice

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