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  • The last excursion begins usually one length of excursion before the closing time of the monument.
  • Entrance fee: full, reduced (eg. children, students, retired), foreigners full, foreigners reduced (usually with foreign language speaking guide).
  • Parking: first number for cars, the second one for buses.

  • Památka Castle Radyne,   district Plzen - jih

Address:  Hrad Radyne
33202  Stary Plzenec
Phone:  +420 377 966 605
Email:  info.plzenec@plzenec.cz


Last updated:  3rd Oct 2006
Location of this object

Region of Plzen, in a bee line 10 km south-east from the city Plzen.
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Cultural events

  • 30.05.2003 - 31.05.2003  Hodokvas na hradě Radyni  
  • 30.05.2003 19:00  Slavnostní zahájení hodokvasu  
  • 31.05.2003  Staročeské máje  
  • 31.05.2003  „Hurá braši, na Radyni straší!“  
  • 31.05.2003  Ohňostroj  
  • 31.05.2003 14:00  Příchod vladyky Radouše a jeho hostů  
  • 25.09.2004 17:00  Koncert dobové hudby - Góthien  
Opening hours

April, May: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 1000 - 1800
June - August: daily except Monday 1000 - 1800
September, October: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 900 - 1700
Otherwise only after previous negotiation.
The closing day isn't exist, when Monday is holiday.
Entrance fee

15 CZK full * 5 CZK reduced * 35 CZK family fee

Without guide.
Additional services

Dny evropskeho dedictvi - vstup zdarma. Poskytujeme cizojazycne tistene pruvodce.
Camera, video

gratis * gratis
Wheelchair access


gratis * gratis

Mestsky urad Stary Plzenec
Train, bus

Bus station: MHD Plzen-Stary Plzenec a linkove autobusy CSAD Plzen-Pribram, Rozmital (2,5 km)
Train station: Zeleznicni trat Plzen - Ceske Budejovice (3 km)
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  • Park Hotel Plzen

Phone:+420 378 772 977 
More information >>>

information >>>
Address:U Borskeho parku 31, Plzen
Email: recepce@parkhotel-plzen.cz
Languages:Cz, De, En, Es
Reservation:phone, fax, email

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