Castle Selmberk
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Castle Selmberk

Address:  Mestsky urad Mlada Vozice, Zizkovo namesti 80
39143  Mlada Vozice
Phone:  +420 381 201 911


Last updated:  7th Jul 2006
Location of this object

Region of South Bohemia, in a bee line 15 km north-east from the city Tabor.
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Opening hours

April - October: except Saturday, Sunday 800 - 1500
Jindy po predchozi telefonicke dohode (tel. c.: 381 201 911).
Entrance fee

For free

Without guide, 60 min., klic na Mestskem urade.
Camera, video

gratis * gratis
Wheelchair access


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Mesto Mlada Vozice
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Bus station: Mlada Vozice,,
Train station: Mlada Vozice
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